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FROMtreasures of the Bulgar people - it collection of articles on Turkology, which was conceived by me in 2006 and was formed at the same time. It consists of ten articles containing valuable source material.

Treasures of the Bulgar people

The purpose of this collection is to inform the public about the serious multi-thousand-year contribution Bulgar people in the history of world civilization and culture. Unfortunately, both in Russia and in Tatarstan, there are scientists who claim that there is no Bulgar people. Based on certain canons and stereotypes, they harm Tatarstan and its great people. Today, many of the newly discovered and introduced into scientific circulation of historical sources testify in favor of the truth. I firmly believe that history and time will put everything in its place. The undeniable contribution of the Bulgar people to the history of the development of European and global culture will be appreciated. The Bulgarian people were, are and will live forever!

Doctor of Philology, Professor, Academician Y.K. Begunov

Movie «Volga Bulgaria. Mysteries of the disappeared state» can introduce a little to the existing Bulgar state and the Bulgar people those who first thought about it. And although it contains many controversial points, unverified facts and subjective judgments, in this case it will undoubtedly be useful ...

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