Jagfar tarihi

Bulgarian toponymy of Kazan according to "Dzhagfar Tarihy"

Arsu (later, after 1220 Kazan-su) - the Kazanka River.

archa kyry - Arsk field.

Baltau - a hill later called Zilantov.

Bish-Balta - balik, which arose in 1003.

Bogyltau ("Kopna-Gora") - a hill on top of which is the Kazan Kremlin, Lenin Street and the university.

Iske-Shahar - a place later called "Fedorovsky Hill".

Kabantau ("Stog-Gora") - a hill on the banks of the Kaban, from which the lake got its name (Kaban-Kul).

Kama Bulak - the eastern branch of the mouth of the Kazanka.

Patsha hider or Patsha kyry - Kazan meadow, located between Bulak and Volga and called by the Russians "Tsar's meadow".

Basin - a ditch in the fortress and an island, called "Merchant".

Tashayak - a place under the modern Kremlin on the right bank of the Bulak, after which the fair on the left bank of the Bulak also became known as Tashayak.

berry forest - in the Kirovsky district of Kazan.

Lakes in the lowlands between Bogyltau and Archa Kyry

Akbi-kul - later called "White Lake".

Bagcha-kul — ?

Karga-kyul - later called "Black Lake" (and "Bath"?).

Man-Chokyr - a depression between Bogyltau and Archa Kyry.

Streets (roads) and squares (maidans)

Arskaya - "They were not allowed to drive from the Arsky Gate to Yugary Kerman along Arskaya Street .." - st. K. Marx.

Astarkhanskaya (Astrakhanskaya) - "... along Astarkhanskaya street, connecting the Lower Nogai and Korymskaya towers, the rebels broke through to the Astarkhan Court ..." - st. University.

Atalykskaya - "... through the Atalyk gates along the Atalyk street ... To the Lower Nogai gates ... From this street the streets departed to the taras of the Bulak wall ..." - st. Bauman.

Balyk Maidana - “... on this square - opposite the Nogai Gate - the fishermen sold their catch, which is why it got the name "Balyk Maidana" - pl. Kuibyshev, st. Kuibyshev.

Bukhara - "... Bukhara street, which passed from Bukhara Yorta to Sainov moat just below Shehid-Yula ..." - st. Trade union.

Djilyak (Berry) - "They moved from Bish-Balta to Shakhri Gazan along the edge of the Berry Forest along Berry Street ..." - st. Gladilov.

Isbelskaya - "... from Bogyltau to the Lower Isbel Gate along Isbelskaya Street ..." - st. Baturin.

Iske-Shahar - “... from the Kara-Muslim and Kaves baliks there (to Iske-Shakhar) Isk-Shakhar street led ...” - st. Kasatkin.

Kavesskaya - "... to get from Kaves balik to Yugary Kerman along Kavesskaya street, it was necessary to pass through the Grachin bridge ..." - st. Krasin.

Korymskaya (Krymskaya) - “... from the Korymsky Gate along Korymskaya Street to the Big Taras (Bulak Wall) st. Right-bulak.

Nogai - "... along Nogaiskaya street, which ran between Atalykskaya and Korymskaya streets, they galloped from Bolshoi Taras Street to Astarkhansky Dvor ..." - st. Ostrovsky.

Pechen (Sennaya) - "... Pechen street led from this caravanserai to the Jil-ki bazaar ..." - st. Kirov.

Subashskaya - "From Balyk Maidana, he proceeded to Kasimovsky balik along Subashskaya street ..." - st. Sverdlov.

Syntau - “... From Kara-Idel to the village of Pechen, he drove along the Syntau road. It passed through a beautiful meadow with clear lakes and small groves, and in the summer it seemed like a road to paradise ... ”- st. Tatarstan.

Tashayak - "... through the gates of Mir-Gali to the Dairov bridge across Bulak along Tashayakskaya street ..." - st. Kremlin. Teke - "... this road was later called Alatskaya ..." (record by P. Karashev) - st. Decembrists.

Tyumenskaya - "... from Tyumenskaya street it was possible to drive to the towers of Yugara Kerman, located between the ditches Ulug and Tazik ..." - Sheinkman's passage in the Kremlin.

Ulak Maidana - “... a meadow on the right bank of Kazan-su, opposite the city, and the road that went along it to Oly-katau with a crossing over Kazan-su three versts from the city ... Various competitions were held here during military training, including shooting at the [target-] “ulak”, why this meadow and the street were named like that ... ”- X. Yamasheva Ave.

Royal - "... he preferred to drive from Yugara Kerman to the Lower Royal Gates along Tsarskaya Street ..." - st. Dzerzhinsky.

Shehid Yuly - “... from Bukhara Yorta they rushed to Yugara Kerman along the street, which later became known as Shehid-yuly ...” - st. Lenin.

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