Jagfar tarihi


EThere are great disagreements and resistance to the publication of the annals "Djagfar Tarihi". The leading claims are that at an unknown time the compilation was compiled by the office of the Russian NKVD/KGB/FSB with the aim of splitting the Turkic ethnic groups into opposite camps, that it was written by an unknown person claiming that he was only saving the annals, that it was a fake compilation with no historical significance, that Ibragim Mohammed-Karimovich Nigmatullin is an unknown fictitious person.

These claims are supported by the absence of a systematic study of the authenticity of the compilation, the absence of a systematic analysis and study of the materials. For the Russian state scientific apparatus, for the media and for the population, the chronicle does not exist at all. The tiny circulations (for volumes 2 and 3, 350 and 230 copies, for volume 1 the circulation is not indicated), ensure that there is no mass familiarization and dissemination of knowledge about the contents of the code.

The claims are also supported by the reality that there was no investigation into the global destruction of Aboriginal books during the first decades of the Soviet regime. No official has been accused of plotting, organizing, carrying out, or covering up a total cultural genocide of the aboriginal nations. Even participants with exact addresses, like those of the operatives of the NKVD office in Kyzyl Yar, are unnamed characters, as if they were never on the agency's payroll and never left any traces.

These claims are also supported by the fact that there was no investigation into the fate of the seized books. There is no open archive of extermination records witnessed by Secret Service personnel. There is no open archive with records of the fate of the captured materials. Knowing how the Russian NKVD system works, it is expected that the global seizure and subsequent concealment and destruction of captured materials were well documented in various protocols and reports. Without a public disclosure of the events regarding the state cultural genocide, any allegations cannot be refuted.

Moreover, even the cardinal primary documents of the ruling regime, which led to the global genocide of the cultural heritage of aboriginal peoples and the wholesale abolition of their alphabets and literature, remain sealed and unknown.

(introduction to the English edition)

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