Ghazi Baraj Tarihi

Ghazi Baraj Tarihi. Chapter 23

MMeanwhile, Emir Ilyas Yaldau, dissatisfied with the fact that it was not he who was raised to the throne after the death of his father, decided to fulfill his cherished dream of power. As soon as Altynbek left for Dzhaik, Ilyas gathered 4 thousand Kazanchis in Urnash and moved with them to Bulyar. However, the Bulyars did not let the hated ulans into the capital, and the Suvarbash people, justifying this, remembered their oath to my father and announced their desire to raise me to the throne. Seeing the inflexibility of the Bulyars, Yaldau reasoned that Gazi-Baradj was better than his uncle, and agreed. Altynbek, before reaching the capital, found out about what had happened and went to Bandja, to his son-tarkhan Boyan-Mohammed. Bachman also arrived there ...

The Bulyarians, wasting no time, sent Khisam, who had established himself in Kazan, to Djurgi with gifts. Djurgi, who loved flattery, was bribed by such attention, but he did not let me go because of them, but in the hope of spreading his influence over the State. I was also pleased with the meeting with my son and the opportunity that presented itself to me to leave the Balyn service. I went to her after the persuasion of my uncle - the son of Arbat Batyr. Batyr was the first Balyn boyar, who was respected by the rest and even Dzhurga, and his son Nankai was the governor of Moskhi ...

I entered Bulyar and was raised to the throne by Tetesh, Ishtyak, Gazan and Ablas-Khin, whom I approved as the Ulugbek of Burtas at the request of the Mukhshi Kazanchis and against the will of Boyan. The population was still aroused by a rebellion of fanatics led by Kylych, who, after the death of Mir-Gazi, tried to prevent the accession of Altynbek and to pogrom the Christian quarter of the capital Saklan Urama. The Suvarchi chirmysh defended the uram, but one of the most respected merchants, Abarkham, fell into the hands of the agitated mob and was tortured by the crowd. The fanatics shouted that they did not need the “Christian Kan” Altynbek and that they wanted to see an orthodox Kan on the throne. It was not difficult for me to guess that Kylycha was directed by Yaldau, who tried to show himself as a truly believing ruler. When I went out to the people after the prayer, the fanatics again began to excite the crowd with cries about my "secret Christianity." The mob began to close around me, and Ghazan barely cleared the way for me with his whips in the surging sea of people. At this difficult moment for me, when I was thinking about fleeing, Gali appeared to me and said: “The unsteadiness of our cans, all the disasters of our Power are from non-observance of our faith, which forbids slavery. Weaken taxes from small owners, Subashes and Ak-Chirmyshes to the size of the time of Talib, confirm the law on the transition of Igencheys to Subashes and Ak-Chirmyshes in the event of the adoption of Islam, enroll the Kurmysh remaining in paganism in the category of Kara-Chirmysh, and make the ulans bakhadirs - and you act in accordance with the Qur'an." I immediately carried out his will, and on all the Maidans of the State, this law of Mohammed-Gali was announced. Kurmysh - especially the Ars and Serbs of the Mountain side and the pagan Bulgars of the Ar district - began to accept Islam in masses and declare themselves Subash or Ak-Chirmysh. The attempts of the Kazanchis to restore the old order met with the resistance of the new converts and the Bulgar subashes who supported them. The lancers were beside themselves, but Gazan, pleased with my determination, kept them at a respectful distance from the capital. Of course, the fanatics began to rage, and then, having received the support of the seid, I appeased them with an iron hand without any risk to myself ...

But, alas, Tile Dzhurgi again harmed me by starting raids on the Mishar Ars. At this point, Altynbek raised his head and a year after my accession, he moved on me and Bachman, as on "the secret well-wisher of the Balyn and the enemy of the Islamic State." Gazan came to me and said with a sigh that his kursybays could not fight their Arbugin brothers. I realized that I had to carry my legs, and hastily left for Kazan, where my Khisam was Ulugbek. On the way, having informed Yaldau, I sent my family to him in Nur-Suvar. The Kazanchis wanted to tear her to pieces, but the emir, suddenly imbued with sympathy for me out of hatred for Altynbek, personally escorted Uljan and little Galim to the Barynta citadel. Through Kazan, under the protection of Gazan, I drove to Balyn with the remains of Abarkham, with which I wanted to appease the influential church in Balyn. My calculation turned out to be correct. Dzhurgi was dissatisfied with my refusal to hand over Kazan to him, but he did not dare to take out his anger on me because of the benevolent attitude towards me for the transfer of the relics, which were immediately baptized. Their head asked what I would like to ask him. I expressed his forgiveness to As-Azim, who was always with me. The old man was strongly affected by my story about how crowds of the Bulyar mob shouted to me: “You brought a priest for us to be baptized,” and about how As-Azim courageously dug out the remains of the unfortunate Abraham at night and guarded them all our way from fanatics. When I showed the priest's wounds to the chief Urussian papaz, which he received during clashes with the mob, the old man shed tears and kissed As-Azim.

Having again been assigned to Jun-Kala, I went there with a vague thought that I could no longer endure such a life ...

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