Ghazi Baraj Tarihi

Ghazi Baraj Tarihi. Chapter 11

AND after Boryn-Inesh, stops at Khorys-yuly were in Saryk-Kun, where fairs were held and excellent sheep and sheep skins were sold, Sygyr at the crossing of the Shir, Chyrshy and Balyn on the Saz-Ldel River. Behind the Balyn there were already Anchian patrols from the former Kara-Bulgarian city of Khursa. The Balyn station was built by the Jura Karadjar and named by him in memory of the place of his birth ... And Khorys-Yuly was considered the third most important road in Bulgaria after Nukrat and Bukhara, so the Bulgarian Kans reacted quickly and with all their might to violations of its safety, .. Caravanserais in Bolgar, Nur-Suvar and Kermek they were state, in Arbug, Soyam-Ak and Rabat - Arbugin, in Sharyk, Burtas, Razi-Sub, Khorysdan or Kubar, Burtas-Simbir, Jozek, Yshne, Leubate and Yauchy - Mardan-Burtas and served by our Bulgars. But the stations Saryk-Kun, Sygyr, Chyrshy and Balyn were maintained by the Burtases, who paid a tenth of their income to the Bellak treasury for this. At the same time, the Shir Burtases knew very well their kinship with the Mardan Bulgars of Burtas origin and also got along quite well with their Balyn and Russian relatives - Murdas Ulchis and Anchis ...

This part of Khorys-Yula was considered the most dangerous and vulnerable to attacks by the Turks and Balyns, but few of them dared to open robbery. The largest robbery was during Boryn sugyshy, which took place in 1110 - 1111 ...

In 1107, Sharykhan, the son of Kur-Batyr, was late with a raid on Balyn and was declared to be the culprit of the failure of the Balyn campaign and a rebel ... Kur-Batyr led a mercenary Kuman army under Baluk, Ashraf in Saksin, and then was a katavyl (head of the garrison) of the Mardan city Sharyk. Here, in 1041, his son Sharykhan was born, who, according to some sources, received the name of the city, and according to others, the name of Kap Sharaf. He inherited his father's tall stature, fearlessness and extraordinary strength... In 1040, when a new crowd of Turkmens came to the Kan, he ordered them, together with Gali Kurmysh's brother Rahman and Kur-Batyr, to subdue Burdzhan. Within a year, they subjugated Djurash, Saklan, Kashek and Tamya-Tarkhan without much difficulty, driving out the Rum governors from Tamya-Tarkhan. The Urussian bek Ar-Aslap recognized these areas as Bulgar, but after his death in 1054, his son Bat-Aslap, together with the Rumians, attacked Tamya-Tarkhan and drove Rahman out of the city, who did not expect an attack. The enraged Kan transferred Rahman from Khin-Kala as the head of the outpost in Yauchy, and his descendants received this nickname. Encouraged by the defeat of the Burdzhan Tarkhan, the Turkmens suddenly rebelled and attacked Khin-Kala. For several months, ours sat in it under siege, lost Kur-Batyr, and only the son of Gilas Balus managed to defeat them. The Turkmens fled and took refuge in the Urusian city of Buri-Aslap, inhabited by the Balyns. Balus wanted to wipe this fortress off the face of the earth, but Bat-Aslap's brother Syp-Bulat softened his heart by paying a huge tribute, reporting the flight of the Turkmens to Dzhalda and promising to end them if they returned. In 1060, the Turkmens returned, but were defeated by Syp-Bulat and most of them returned to the Bulgarian service in Saksin. However, it was soon revealed that Syp-Bulat secretly hired a part of the Turkmens for service, and for this Balus and the young Sharykhan ruined his region. But in the same year, the Cumans themselves decided to occupy the former Turkmen region and, placing the former slave Sharykhan Asan over them as khan, left Saksin. Sharykhan involuntarily left with them, because otherwise the Cumans threatened him with the extermination of his relatives. But soon Sharykhan was captured by the Anchians, was ransomed from it by Ahad and again began to serve the State. The disgrace of Adam again forced him to become a Turk, but not for long. In 1107, the Anchians, the Balyns, led by Bat-Balyk and Asan's son Ayubay, defeated Bunek, who was joined by Sharykhan, and the khan fled to the Shir. The Uruses pursued him and in 1109, near Sygyr, they took away the last camels, carts and yurts with their families. With one squad, Sharykhan barely managed to hide at the Sygyr station. The Balyns offered to take the menzel by storm, but the Anchians, who were careful about Khorys-Yula, refused and thus saved the khan.

After the departure of the Uruses, Sharykhan arrived with his detachment and with a message about the readiness of the Balyns for robbery to the son of Rakhman Avar, who was then in Yauchy. Outraged by the behavior of the Balyns, Avar Yauchy accepted Sharykhan into the service at his own peril and risk. Beck didn't fail. In 1110, the son of Syp-Bulat Bulymer with his Balyns and Turkmens and Ayubay brazenly attacked Yauchy after the Avar refused to hand over Sharykhan to them. Our people were warned about the attack by Sarychin - one of the sons of Sharykhan, who was forced to submit to Ayubai. and fortified the station in advance and placed shooters in it. When the Turkmens and Cumans went on the attack, covering their path with the corpses of people and horses, the Mardan cavalry attacked the enemy from both sides of the "Nose" and showered him with a rain of arrows. The Balyns found themselves in the center of this hell and did not know how to escape from it. Finally, the Cumans and Turkmens, overcoming their horror for the sake of saving their lives, rushed to the mounted archers. As soon as the enemy approached, the arrows gave way to the Burtas and Arbugin djurs standing behind them, and they stopped him with a powerful counter spear blow. And when our knights drew their broadswords and axes, the infidels turned into a disorderly stampede. The Balyns fled even earlier, and since then Bulymer was afraid all his life to fight with the Bulgars...

Sharykhan with his rushed in pursuit and covered the space from Boryn-Inesh to Shir with enemy bodies. In the Battle of Yaucha, 6,000 of ours laid down 10,000 enemies, losing 50 infantrymen and 450 horsemen. For his service zeal, Adam forgave the khan and gave him a lifetime possession of a tax from one village in the Tiganak district of the Baityubinsk province. Since the old man Sharykhan called himself “the son of Kur”, this aul began to be called Kurnali even during his lifetime. His son Sarychin with his people lagged behind Ayubai in the hope of a quiet life on the Shire. But the humiliated Bulymer next year forced Myshdauly's son to attack Uchel and lay down almost the entire 7,000-strong Galidzhian army on the slippery slopes of Bogyltau, and he, together with Ayyubay, burned Sygyr and defeated Sarychin. The Khan retreated to the Yal-Inesh, the right tributary of the Shir, which flows into it higher, but Bulymer and Ayubay with their Balyns, Turkmens and Cumans went there as well. When they attacked Sarychin, his brother Atrak separated from Ayubai and rushed at the infidels. In the end, they were defeated, but they hired themselves into the service of the State and, thanks to this, retained a quarter of their people. The rest - mostly old people and children - died on the field behind Yal-Inesh, which after that they began to call Halek kyry ("Deadly"). However, this war did not subside, because Bulymer refused to compensate the Power for the damage from his attacks on Khorys-Yula.

In 1113, both sons of Sharykhan took revenge on Ayubai by attacking his camps in Kichi-Shir, but the unfaithful khan fled to Bulymer and survived under his protection. In the same year, Bulymer took the Russian throne in Bashtu and for this, under an agreement with the Anchi merchants, he compensated the damage to the State. But in 1116 the young Balynian beks burned down the stations of Balyn, Chyrshy and Sygyr, and Ayyubay, together with Bunek, took Khin and brought many captive Bulgar Turkmens and Badjanaks to Russia. They were settled next to the ladies, who expressed to Bulymer their dissatisfaction with his robberies on the roads. The Balyn bek justified himself by saying that the young beks had committed a crime without his knowledge, and the Turkic khans did not obey him at all. In fact, he himself did not go on a campaign only out of fear of the Bulgars. But on the sly, the malicious Balynets, nicknamed by our Karak, supported the robberies. Immediately after the capture of Khin by Ayubai, he built on Kichi-Shir, halfway from Khursa to Kharkov, the fortress of Chally-Kala for communication with Khin and Islamic countries bypassing Bulgar. This caused great alarm to the Kan, and an answer was given immediately.

In 1117, a Bellacian detachment led by Avar defeated Chaldy-Kala to the ground. The Anchis who were here surrendered without a fight and were released. And the Balyns taken in the fortress were forced to build a fortress in the Kashan province, and it was also called Challi. In memory of this, Avar took the nickname Challi Bey. In the same year, the horde of Ayubai was also finished, and the Anchian Turkmens, Badjanaks and Cumans who were in Khin fled to Rus' in a panic. Adam declared himself a kap of Desht-i Kypchak and resettled the sons of Shara Khan to Khin, but in 1120 Atrak with some of his people suddenly left for Gurja. At the same time, Emir Kolyn came to power, who immediately demanded that Bulymer return the Saksin Turkmens and Badjanaks, but Balynets refused our ambassadors. When the Khins found out about this, they rebelled and fortified themselves together with a part of the baryns in their city of Baryndiu. And the detachment of Avar, who stood ready in the menzel of Balyn, occupied Khursu with the help of the Anchians and threatened Bulymer with a campaign against Bashta along with the Anchi Bek and Syp-Bulat. The envoy of Avar conveyed to Bulymer-Karak the mocking words of the Bek: “If you confess to the cap of Bulgar, then I will take care that he give you your golden helmet, which you dropped during your flight from Boryn-Inesh, and the oar that your son Dzhurgi lost during time for a hasty departure from the Bolgar. Knowing that all the Anchians of Rus' sympathize with the Bulgars and are ready to put an end to the Balyns together with them at an opportunity, Bulymer gave Challa Bey all the Saxins and the baryns who joined them, and also paid a triple price for the damage to Khorys-Yula and resumed the interrupted payment of the Djir tribute. . Half of his own Turkmens, Badjanaks and Cumans also fled after that from Rus' to Dzhalda. Thus ended this biggest robbery at Khorys-Yula, and thus Bulymer was punished for it...

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