Ghazi Baraj Tarihi

Ghazi Baraj Tarihi. Chapter 22

ATreturning, Mir-Gazi caught a cold and soon died. Gazan, Bachman, Ishtyak and Tetesh raised Altynbek to the throne, completely indifferent to Gali's reforms. Seyid two years later married the widow Mir-Gazi Saulia, whom he loved all his life. And she was married to a five-year-old girl. Gali was widowed while in exile, and his son Mir-Gali grew up in the house of a suvarbashy from his daughter Daira. And one of the Kipchak slaves traded by Daira Appak's father was presented to Emir Djurash. He presented it to the Ganja Bek Nizami, who decorated the garden of poetry with the beautiful flowers of his dastans. I read these poems because I knew Farsi. And besides the Khorasan language, of course, I knew Arabic and our Bulgar Turks. As a child, my father taught me the dialect of the Ulchians, and one Sadum merchant, who was treated by Gali's elder brother, the famous Uchel tabib Isbel-hadji, taught me the Alman dialect. And languages were given to me easily, and I even felt the need to study them. In conclusion, I read quite a few Urussian books, and one of them told very vividly about the raid of Syb-Bulat on Bulyar. It was written by Bulymer, who called himself Khin-Kubar, but then, when his uncle Ugyr Batavylly became his master, he remade it and changed his name to Ugyr. Khin-Kubar's son, also Khin-Kubar, who came to Balyn to settle the dispute between Kisan and Dzhurgi, told me about this... And Bulymer, who until then owned only the village of Khatyn, received the Batysh city of Kazile for this. It was founded by the Bulgars and Anchians, who lagged behind Almysh during his transition to the Bulgar. But after the death of Ugyr, Bulymer lost the city, and only his son Khin-Kubar received it again after the death of almost all Karadjir beks in the battle with Subyatai. He married Tetesh's daughter, and she got our merchants to visit him.

Thanks to this, Kazile grew into a big city, and Bulyak's son Kasim, who willingly built palaces and even churches of stone in Rus', strengthened it. Then he returned to the State, but along the way he almost fell into the hands of Markas. This biy turned to Altynbek with a request to transfer part of the Ar tribute to him for the destruction, but, having received a refusal, he became embittered and transferred with his district under the rule of Balyn. Many Urussian boyars immediately settled with their igenchis on his lands for a fee, but soon regretted it. My son from my first wife, the granddaughter of Chalmati, Khisam, the former balikbashi of Deber, summoned Gazan and attacked Markas with him. Biy slipped away to me, but his district was completely ruined.

I must say that his story about this caused me not bitterness, but joy for my son, who became a real bakhadir. Despite the panic that gripped Jun-Kala, I remained calm, for I knew that Hisam would not attack my father. And so it happened. Having been widowed shortly before the attack of Bat-Aslap, I married Vasyl's sister Uldzhan-bi in Balyn. She gave birth to my son Galimbek...

The Markas War saved Gazan from participating in Altynbek's campaign against Dzhaik against Subyatai. The Menkhol bakhadir, already knowing the power of the Bulgar ramparts, now did not break through them, but decided to bait the Kan for them - Mergen. Altynbek, rustic to the point of frivolity, having heard about the robbery attack of Mergen on Saksin, soon moved on him with Gali and Ilham-Ishtyak. When he was noticed that he was taking too few soldiers, the Kan flared up: “Na, Mergen and three thousand are too many.” He did not allow a possible meeting with the Tatars, because the merchants from Kashan assured him that they were absent along the entire length of Bukhara-Yula. Meanwhile, the merchants were bribed by Subyatai and told a lie...

Mergen tried to take Saksin on the move, but was utterly defeated and thrown back by Bachman, and again became bolder only after Subyatay intervened in the case. The Tatars besieged the city, but the Tarkhan had already led its population to a safe path to Bandzha and remained to delay the enemy with a thousand desperate daredevils. When the Tatars broke into Saksin, Bachman retreated to the caravanserai of the city of Suvar-Saray and, having beaten up to two thousand Oimeks and Tatars, broke through with 200 of his own to Idel and was like that. The Türkmens of Khan Kush-Birde, sent by Subyatai after him, stumbled upon the advancing djurs of Ablas-Khin and took care of them. Badri defended Khin to the last opportunity, and then set fire to the city and went to Burtas. Then Subyatai himself rushed up the river after Bachman, but soon met with the Mardan Badjanaks and chased after them. Carried away, the Tatars stumbled upon the Samara ramparts and began to furiously storm them to the pleasure of the Mardans. The enemies would have all disappeared in the labyrinth of these ramparts, if Subyatai had not seen through the game of the Badjanaks and had not taken his own to Jaik. Here, in front of the hag-tuy, in a snowstorm, Mergen's patrol stumbled upon a kan and rushed away. Altynbek chased after him and fell into the arms of the iron wings of Subyatai. The predominantly lightly armed Oimeks of the Kan, despite their desperate courage, could not withstand the blow of the Tatars and dispersed. Gali fell in battle along with all his dzhurs, Kazan and Kashan kazanchis and ak-chirmish, but with his stamina he distracted the Tatars. The desperate blow of the Bashkorts for some time made a breach in the enemy encirclement, pinned down the enemy and allowed the Kan and Ishtyak to escape. Then the kan ordered to name the place of the battle, which previously belonged to Bellak, "Kargaly" and transfer it to Bashkort for eternity ...

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