Sheikh-Gali kitabs

Jagfar tarihi. Volume 1sheikh-Gali kitaby (book) Wuh-Gali) 1551 Collection of Bulgarian chronicles.

The presentation of the text in Russian, made by a resident of the city of Petropavlovsk I.M.-K. Nigmatullin in 1939

Orenburg, 1993

* * *

Jagfar tarihi. Volume 1


Note 1. The illustrations to the articles are not part of the primary source of information and do not reflect the essence of their content, but are only a visual accompaniment to the history of the life of the Bulgar and other peoples in comparable eras, therefore they cannot claim historical accuracy...  
Note 2. The page numbers in the articles and, accordingly, in the chapters of "Djagfar Tarihi" are presented on the basis of the publication of the material in Orenburg in 1993 ...
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