Bariev Riza Halirakhmanovich

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  • Saint Petersburg
  • Russia

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Bariev Riza Halirakhmanovich (1937-2010)

- Doctor of Philosophy, professor, retired colonel.

Bariev Riza KhalilrakhmanovichAuthor of more than 70 scientific and educational works, author of the book "Volga Bulgars, History and Culture" published in St. Petersburg in 2005.

In 1959-78 he served in the ranks of the Soviet Army Army. Since 1979 he taught at the military universities of the city of Leningrad, and since 1987 - at the Military Academy of Communications (now the Military Academy of Communications named after Marshal of the Soviet Union S.M. Budyonny), professor since 1993. Philosophical works. problems of the ethnogenesis of the Bulgars.

He dealt with the philosophical problems of ethnogenesis, history and culture of the Bulgar people. He made a significant contribution to the popularization of the Bulgar people and their cultural achievements among the general population.


Volga Bulgars


Chapter I. Origins: The distant ancestors of the Bulgars

  1. Great Bulgaria: the beginning of history and culture
  2. New homeland: Volga Bulgaria

Chapter II. Beginning: Separation of the Bulgars from the Turkic community

  1. Historical and cultural achievements of the Volga Bulgaria
  2. The prevalence of the Bulgar culture: Yases are part of the Bulgar world

Chapter III. Ascent: Bulgaria and Desht-i-Kipchak

  1. Volga Bulgaria and the Golden Horde: interaction from history and culture
  2. Tatars - the ethnopolitical name of the Turkic peoples of the Golden Horde

Chapter IV. Maturity: Historical Path and Cultural Achievements of Kazan Bulgaria

  1. Kazan Bulgaria: history and culture
  2. Kinship and cultural interaction of the Bulgaro-Tatars and Russians


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