Treasures of the Bulgar people

Under the editorship of academician Begunov Yu.K. Treasures of the Bulgar people. Issue 1. Ethnogenesis. History. Culture. - St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg, 2007. - ISBN 978-5-8370-0489-6.


A collection of works by a team of authors from St. Petersburg, Kazan and Nalchik, dedicated to the ethnogenesis, history and culture of the Bulgar people from ancient times. “The collection contains unpublished unique materials of the Bulgar medieval sources, which were kept by Vais scientists. These are epic, chronicles, poems, discovered and translated into Russian in 1920-1930; the originals themselves were destroyed." For all those interested in the history and culture of the Turkic peoples and the Russian people "in connection with the Eurasian idea, which runs like a red thread through all the articles of the collection."


  1. Linguo-ethnic features of the Volga Bulgars - the main ethnic root of the Tatars (Author: Zakiev Mirfatykh Zakievich)
  2. Ancient and Medieval States of the Bulgars (Author: Bariev Riza Halirakhmanovich)
  3. Bulgars and Russ in antiquity (Author: Yuri Konstantinovich Begunov)
  4. Tales of the Bulgar people about the Emperor Askyp Attila (Author: Yuri Konstantinovich Begunov)
  5. "Chronicle of Karchi" as a source for the study of the history and ethnogenesis of the Karachays and Balkars (Author: Glashev Boris Akhyanovich)
  6. The horseman of Madara is a great monument of the Bulgaro-Russian friendship (Author: Yuri Konstantinovich Begunov)
  7. The legend of the "Teachings of Svyatoslav" about the beginning of Danube Bulgaria (Author: Begunov Yuri Konstantinovich, Author: Nurutdinov Fargat Gabdulla-Khamitovich)
  8. Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich - author of "The Tale of Igor's Campaign" (Author: Begunov Yuri Konstantinovich, Author: Nurutdinov Fargat Gabdulla-Khamitovich)
  9. Battle of Kulikovo in the light of Bulgar sources: Answer to R. Nabiev (Author: Begunov Yuri Konstantinovich, Author: Nurutdinov Fargat Gabdulla-Khamitovich)
  10. The history of the city of Bulgar (Author: Nurutdinov Fargat Gabdulla-Khamitovich)

Note 1. The illustrations to the articles are not part of the primary source of information and do not reflect the essence of their content, but are only a visual accompaniment to the history of the life of the Bulgar and other peoples in comparable eras, therefore they cannot claim historical accuracy...  
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