Online education platforms – why are they the future?

Hno one will argue that changes in the education system, including in our country, are simply inevitable, and also objectively necessary for the development of society. However, it should be understood that such reforms concern not only the content of educational programs, but also the forms of education.

Currently, increasing attention is being paid online education, that is, the use of digital technologies and the Internet. In fact, e-learning has already become firmly established in our lives and is actively used not only in schools and universities, but also in various courses, trainings and advanced training.

The advantages of this distance format are obvious: accessibility of training from anywhere in the world, the ability to independently plan your class schedule, and the use of high-quality multimedia and interactive materials. Undoubtedly, distance education there is a future, because already now many universities, online schools, large online educational platforms offer courses and even entire educational programs.

Judging by trends and analyst reviews, the quality of e-learning will only increase with the development of technology. The main thing here is a competent combination of the advantages of digital technologies with its real quality and subsequent impact for students.

Online courses, distance education and their development

Distance education, or online training is a form of acquiring knowledge using modern technologies and the Internet, and its main feature is that the main process takes place remotely, without the need for personal presence in the classroom.

Online training

The main advantages of this form of education are flexibility and accessibility. You can study at a convenient time, in a convenient place and at your own pace, while e-learning also allows you to save on transport, rental and maintenance of premises, maintenance and other significant expense items.

During the past pandemic, the distance format has become especially relevant both for schools, universities, and for independent learning. But even after restrictions are lifted, online courses and educational platforms do not lose popularity. At the same time, various companies are also increasingly using e-learning to improve the qualifications of employees and develop their skills.

Distance education opens up great opportunities for self-development and knowledge acquisition in a modern digital society. The main thing is to wisely combine the advantages of online technologies with the ability to transfer truly important knowledge from teachers to students, and then e-learning will become truly effective.

It is an indisputable fact that in addition to educational institutions, many commercial companies are increasingly switching to online education. Potential employees expect opportunities for training and advanced training from employers, and according to VTsIOM, almost 60% respondents consider the availability of some kind of development programs to be an important factor when choosing a job.

Now we can safely say that the scale of the use of online learning, namely the growth of this form of learning, is impressive. So, according to the platform Academy-market, in 2022, with its help, about three thousand courses were introduced for free study in various educational areas, and a year later this number increased to 4284 courses. In percentage terms, the increase was more than 40%.

This growth can be explained not only by the increased interest in online educational technologies, but also by the tangible returns from completing programs and courses provided by the educational aggregator. Example of learning results in an online school Skillbox, the leader in online learning in Russia, can truly inspire many. And here an important role is played by the opportunity to find out reliable skillbox training reviews and its effectiveness. What could be more valuable than the opinion of real people who have completed online training in the chosen course and direction?

In general, according to publicly available data, the number of participants in massive open online courses in 2023 exceeded 185 million people worldwide. These figures clearly demonstrate how relevant and in demand distance education technologies are in our time. This fact also fits well into concept of lifelong education, which is largely based on independent learning through Internet technologies.

Prospects for distance learning

It is difficult to disagree with the opinion that distance learning has not yet reached the peak of its popularity. On the contrary, it is clear that online courses and online educational platforms are indeed increasingly gaining popularity, and there is no doubt that this trend will continue in the coming years. There are several reasons for this.

  • First of all, distance education is often more effective and research shows it increases learning levels by 20 to 50% compared to the traditional learning model.
  • Secondly, the students themselves positively evaluate the distance learning format - up to 80% they consider it no worse, and sometimes even better, than full-time learning, because e-learning gives them greater flexibility and freedom.
  • Third, most educators also believe in the potential of this form of education. In their opinion, in the near future digital technologies will displace traditional textbooks from schools and universities.

You may not agree with some of the arguments, but today online education sphere is showing rapid growth and undoubtedly has enormous potential. According to the forecasts of individual, fairly well-known research centers, the annual growth rate of this segment will be about 10% by the level of 2023. Again, according to open data, today the USA and Europe are the leaders in this area with 70% of the global Internet education market, but according to forecasts, in the next 5 years the palm of leadership may pass to China, which is especially actively developing online education with support at the state level.

Of course, government policy in the field of education, including its traditional form, can significantly and objectively influence the growth of online learning. But anyway The demand for quality online courses will only grow at the expense of the corporate segment and private users, because the electronic format actually provides unique flexibility and accessibility.

It can be noted here that online education is gradually transforming into online mobile learning influenced by the fact that smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous, opening up even more opportunities for their development. So the prospects for this direction are truly colossal.

Final conclusions about forecasts for the development of distance learning

Apparently, the prospects for the development of e- and mobile learning in the coming years are very promising. Of course, it is difficult to accurately predict the growth rate of this market, since it is influenced by many factors, including, first and foremost, government policy in the field of traditional education. But even without radical changes, the demand for online learning and distance courses will increase.

In addition, the expansion of the corporate segment of e-education is already making it more accessible to a wide audience, and the development of mobile technologies opens up new horizons, allowing you to study literally anywhere and at any time.

As a result, we can assume with great confidence that the role of online and mobile learning will only increase over time. The main thing is that this development goes in line improving the quality and accessibility of education taking full advantage of digital technologies.

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