Brief information about the authors whose works are published on the site "Treasures of the Bulgar people"...

  • Glashev Boris Akhiyaevich

    Address Nalchik Russia Additional information Glashev Boris Akhiyaevich — Post-graduate student of the Department of History of the Karachay-Cherkess State University, writer. Materials Glashev B.A. "Chronicle of Karchi" ...

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  • Begunov Yuri Konstantinovich

    Address St. Petersburg Russia Additional information Yuri Konstantinovich Begunov (10/20/1932 - 01/18/2014) - professor, doctor of philological sciences. Soviet and Russian philologist-Slavist, conspiracy theorist, specialist…

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  • Zakiev Mirfatykh Zakievich

    Zakiev Mirfatykh Zakievich

    Address Kazan Russia Additional information Zakiev Mirfatykh Zakievich – academician, doctor of philological sciences, professor. Born August 14, 1928, village. Zips…

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  • Nurutdinov Fargat Gabdulla-Khamitovich

    Nurutdinov Fargat Gabdulla-Khamitovich

    Address Kazan Russia Additional information Nurutdinov Fargat Gabdulla-Khamitovich is a source historian. Fargat Gabdul-Khamitovich Nurutdinov was born on October 1, 1949 in the city of Spassk-Dalny ...

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  • Volga Bulgars of Bariev

    Bariev Riza Halirakhmanovich

    Address Saint-Petersburg Russia Additional information Bariev Riza Halirakhmanovich (1937-2010) - Doctor of Philosophy, professor, retired colonel. Author of over 70...

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  • Lvova Zlata Alexandrovna

    Lvova Zlata Alexandrovna

    Address St. Petersburg Russia Additional information Zlata Aleksandrovna Lvova (1930-12/18/2012) — Senior Researcher at the State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), Candidate of Historical Sciences,…

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