Sheikh-Gali kitabs

Sheikh-Gali kitabs. Chapter 1

AND At this, the manuscript of Sheikh Bu-Yurgan, which was in my hands, breaks off, and about what happened next, I found the following entry in the Sheikh-Gali Kitaby:

As soon as the Cheremshans left Kazan, Bibarys entered it, and then the Alats, led by Mamet. The emir wanted to connect with the Russians, but Mamysh-Birde defeated the Balyns near Churtan and did not give them the opportunity to approach the capital. Then the alarmed Ma-met persuaded Bibarys to his side, giving him his daughter ... Having become the masters of Kazan, the Alat thieves set out to execute Syuyumbika. They wanted to cut off her nose and ears first, and then her head. Alasha, who brutally executed Kucha-ka, pushed them to this ... Ulan fell into his hands by accident. Seid Kul-Ashraf sent Kuchak to Bashkort, to recapture this province from Biy Ismail. But on the way, he was suddenly attacked by the Russians, who were marching on Challi in order to capture the seid. Kuchak fought desperately and was captured already wounded and exhausted ... Kan Kul-Ashraf could not help his yuldash, but was able to prevent the execution of his favorite. Having met the usual refusal of the Cossacks to come to the rescue of Kazan, the seid suggested that Mohammed protect him only on the way and personally galloped to the capital. Bahadir had no choice but to follow him with 2,000 desperate Yarchally and Bashkorts. No one dared to block their way, and at Kazan they were cordially greeted by Mamysh-Birde. Having told Mamet that he was not going to take the city from him by force, Kul-Ashraf occupied Seyid Dvor. The Emir had to give in and move to the Khan's Court. Islam Naryk and the son of Utyash Chapkyn separated the forces of both Ashrafids in the city, which made it possible to avoid clashes ...

Yadkar, having barely settled down, immediately announced the conditions for general reconciliation: Syuyumbika and her son were given to Alasha and in Khan-Kerman became the younger wife of Shah-Gali; Shah-Gali is appointed ulugbek of the Kazan il, and Mamet is proclaimed the seid of Kazan and Archa-Kala; Russians are allowed to keep a detachment of 500 people in the Chirmysh Court to monitor the behavior of Shah-Gali. These conditions were beneficial to Yadkar, because they allowed the menle to save Syuyumbika, turn anger for her shame on Alasha and Mamet, and find support in Kazan in the face of Shah-Gali, who secretly served him. The emir, sensing this, opposed it, but the seid secretly communicated his conditions to Shah-Gali and, with his help, persuaded the Russians to accept them. Mamet did not dare to contradict the Balyns and was forced to agree. With all this, in negotiations with the Uruses, Kul-Ashraf demanded that they cleanse the part of the Mountain side they had captured, but Mamet did not support him and appeared before everyone in the unattractive guise of a complete traitor and friend of the infidels ...

When the "Betle Tatars" were taking Syuyumbika out of Kazan for extradition to the Russians, Bu-Yurgan, in desperation, gathered ordinary citizens and rushed with them to recapture her. In the ensuing scuffle, several murzas were killed, but the Kazanchis still managed to disperse the people and capture Mohammedyar. The mullah spent some time in the zindan of the Khan's Court... As soon as Syuyumbika was taken out of the city, the menla Kul-Ashraf, fulfilling an agreement with the beks, also left Shakhri Gazan and stood in the Qasim balik. Here he stayed until the moment when Shah-Ghali entered. Kazan, and then returned to Chally. Following his instructions, the Kazan Ulugbek sent some leaders of the Alats to Moscow under the guise of ambassadors, and gathered others to his feast and cut them with the help of Mamysh-Birde, Russians and his Mishar Bulgars. Then he - also by order of Kan Kul-Ashraf - also executed Mamet, who came to him with the aim of arresting him, and put Bu-Yurgan in his place. A fierce war broke out with the Alat thieves, in which the Ulugbek began to clearly gain the upper hand. In 1552, the frightened Bethle Tatars turned to Alasha with a proposal to overthrow Shah-Gali from the position of Ulugbek in exchange for help in seizing the State. Pleased with this, the Balyn uluby immediately ordered Shah-Gali to surrender Kazan to the Russian army and return to serve in Khan-Kerman, threatening to withdraw the Russian detachment from Kazan if he refused. Ulugbek was offended to the depths of his soul by Alashi's impudent demands, and he conveyed to the Kan of Bulgar Kul-Ashraf that if a Cheremshan detachment arrived in Kazan, he would immediately let him into the city and openly go over to his service. However, seid-emir Kul-Ashraf could not help the good Shah-Gali in any way: all his forces were thrown into the war with the new Nogais of Ismail, Yanchur guarded Cheremshan from the north, from the side of Kolyn, and Mamysh-Birde fought with the Alat Tatars, Serbs and Churtans . Then the Ulugbek involuntarily agreed to return to the Urussian service, but, in retaliation for Alasha, he fled from Kazan suddenly and before the arrival of the army of infidels...

The Tyumen became the owner of all Kazan, the power of which was provided by a thousand Kavezians. In the outer baliks of the capital, detachments of the beks of Islam Naryk and Chapkyn were located. Both the Tazikbash and the beks then assumed that the seid-emir would not be able to help them because of the Nogai war. Therefore, all of them involuntarily submitted to the leader of the Alat thieves, Bek Khudaikul, who took over the affairs of Mamet and sought to annex the State to the Moscow beylik in exchange for the right to live according to their own laws and under the authority of their own ulans. With the permission of Khudaikul, the Russian army moved to Kazan, but the bek himself did not dare to be in this matter and entrusted the surrender of the capital to Chapkyn. Fortunately, after a terrible drinking party in Churtan in honor of entering Kazan, the army of infidels moved very slowly and at first only 200 Russians, 2 thousand Mishar Bulgars and 800 Shah-Gali Tatars reached the city. The Beks let them into the city, and the Tazikbash people placed them in the Kara-Muslim balik ...

When the main Russian army approached the capital, Sheikh Bu-Yurgan was informed that a detachment of Bek Yanchura was approaching Kazan with the order of Cap Kul-Ashraf to protect the city from the infidels. Feeling the threat of Kazan, Bek Yanchur returned to the service of the seid-emir and, at his command, took possession of Echke-Kazan and moved to the capital. Bu-Yurgan immediately announced this to the people and called on them to resist. Most of the Kaves and the rabble went over to his side. By order of Mohammedyar, people closed all the gates of Kazan and offered the locked opponents to go over to their side. 50 Russian Cossacks expressed a desire to convert to Islam and join the army of the State, while the rest laid down their arms and received permission to leave the city. All the Mishar Bulgars gladly joined the Kazanians, while the Tatars refused and were mercilessly killed by the people. Only Murza Kamay survived with 200 of his own, for in order to save his life, he pretended to agree to serve the seid-emir. To assure the Bulgars of their devotion to the State, this Murza even personally hacked to death seven of his Tatars... The corpses of the killed Kipchaks were taken out of the city on carts...

The Russian voivodes, suddenly sobered up, wanted to storm Kazan, but Yanchura, who arrived in time, with his warlike cry “Ur, Ur!” embarrassed their hearts and forced them to retreat to Churtan without a fight... His Nukrats were able to covertly make several ships, and with the onset of summer, ours were able to clear some of the crossings from infidels... Yadkar Kul-Ashraf, the new Ulugbek of Kazan Il, and remained in the capital to protect her.

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